Chris Danielson, Software Engineer


To obtain a challenging position in which I can use my experience and education to further their success as well as build on my current skills.


· Native mobile development for Android (java) and iOS (Objective-C).

· Enterprise level knowledge and experience related to Objective-C, Python, C/C++, ASP.Net, Java, C#, RESTful API, PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML 5, and XML.

· Knowledge of relational database normalization and procedural code specific to Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostGRES.

· Real world experience using Linux in both embedded and server grade instances.

· Satellite Communications work. Worked with Orbcomm, Matrix, GlobalStar and Iridium networks and technology.


2014, November – Current,, Owner

Invented a concept called the “micro-log”. In short, I needed a quick way to track my garden, beer making, beekeeping and other general home interests. No products online offered this to me, so I built it and now host it in AWS land.
* Technologies used:
** Python Django, MongoDB, PostGRES.
** Mobile platform for iOS was coded using Objective-C
** Soon Android will be released. Coded in Java!

2012, August – Current, Bank of America, Vice President of Security Engineering.

Developed an internal RESTful API stack that handled mashing together a multitude of data sources. Coded an clone for internal usage.

2006, September – 2012, July, WesCorp (WesBridge) Consultant Architect and Developer San Dimas, CA

Designed and built the entire WesCorp/WesBridge Mobile Banking platform and embedded applications.  Wrote the native Android and iOS applications to accompany the project.  Architected and developed a full WCF .Net stack to handle and manage pooling of Symitar connections to a “SymConnect” backend.

Engineered an embedded banking solution using the Sheeva plug.

Single handedly built one of the first camera check capture systems for the Credit Union industry. Built for iOS devices specifically.

Developed an iPhone hybrid application for relationship managers to handle purchasing certificates and communication for members in a more expedited way.

Successfully architected, developed and deployed a portal stack that overnight supported over 15,000 members.  Technologies used were VAP (Vignette Application Portal) developed with SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) portal. The system was built with loosely coupled services that allow for a highly scalable product. Technologies used: Java, VAP, .Net and SQL Server.

2011, Current, Working with Monkey Prism developing iOS games and children’s entertainment. Technologies used: iOS native development, Unity3D and Cocos2d libraries.

2010 – 2011, TipCity CTO San Diego, CA

Took over CTO duties and managed offshore development team in Vietnam until February 2011. Prior to this, we began staffing up in San Diego to support a new open source design pattern using LAMP, Python and RabbitMQ.  Designed and coded the native Android and iOS applications.    We had a successful release in early March 2011.

2008 – 2010, CellFrog CTO San Diego, CA

Architected and built a custom telephony conference calling solution.  Technologies used:  FreeSWITCH, C, Python, PHP and MySQL.

2006, August, AIRSIS Developed a radio tower monitoring product San Diego, CA

Embedded a linux kernel on a customized board. Designed and implemented software which monitors generic analog and digital ports. Embedded a
customized Python engine in order to allow for a fully scriptable interface. Technologies used: Linux, C, and Python.

2006, June, Packet Video Cellphone Streaming Electronic TV Guide San Diego, CA

Designed and managed a two person development team to engineer the new “electronic programming guide” for Packet Video and VCast.
Used Java EE, MySQL 5.0, EJB 3.0 and Sun Application Server.

2006, January, Airsis Socket Server Module Engine San Diego, CA

Designing and developing .Net module engine.
The module engine makes development of asynchronous TCP and UDP socket libraries for terrestrial networking a
painless task. The core concept behind the design is that a simple web-based interface can alter
how the socket server service engine manages it’s modules.

2005, mPowered Video Monitoring System San Diego, CA

Lead a small team of developers in designing a .Net web-based application along with a back office
cluster module engine for managing an entire alert system for
Clark Security.
The mPowered Video Monitoring System is a low-cost and easy to use video surveillance system based
on locally networked IP cameras and sensors.
What makes mPowered unique is it’s ability to send full motion video to a 3GP or MMS compatible cellular phone.

2005, Quake Global Q1400 Goes to Space San Diego, CA

With only one week prior to launch, wrote a custom C application for
The application was designed to prioritize a queue of incoming messages and transmit the messages back to
the nearest ground station via the OrbComm satellite network.

2005, XBow Mesh Network Development San Diego, CA

Developed mesh network solutions using Dust and XBow Technologies Micaz chips.
Custom wrote nesC and C code for the Atmel Atmega 128 processor.
Utilized custom modified Daubechies wavelet transformations in order to create fingerprint matrices.
The system developed is an intrusion detection system funded under grant from

2005, Satellites and Sonic Detection and Ranging Development (SODAR) San Diego, CA

Developed under Airsis Inc. a way of bridging data transmission
for remotely managed Sodar devices. Using Linux and “C” programming, I designed and developed an XML based
module engine that allows configuration and transmission of the Sodar data via Satellite communications.

2004, November RFID Last Tactical Mile Asset Management System San Diego, CA

Lead a team of programmers in engineering a last tactical mile
Due to my confidentiality agreement this is all I can share for the time.

2004, DataLogic GPRS/GSM Network Integration Asset Tracker San Diego, CA

Using C++ and C#.Net. Designed a service based system that allows for asset tracking via the GPRS/GSM network.
This includes integration into the Airsis Dynasty system.

2003-2004, Palm Pilot Satellite Email Application San Diego, CA

Using C and the CodeWarrior compiler along with the OrbComm network, engineered a realtime satellite email program which works on any standard Palm Pilot with PalmOS 3.5.0 and above. This product was designed with multi-language support built in.
This particular product can be purchased from

2003, November, Satellite based UDP network design San Diego, CA

Using C++ and C# .Net Compact Framework designed a transportation mechanism for sending RFID data using a Psion Teklogix scanner with a Wireless Matrix device.
The system tracks gps, rfid tags and uploads data to server component via satellite transmission.
The data is then massaged into a SQL Server web based system. This includes designing an RFID driver for a RFID Inc beta device. Designing a server and client component to utilize UDP and LUDP protocol specs and all this in one week.

2003, November, Designed Configuration Protocol for Remote System Management of my Embedded Security System San Diego, CA

Using TCP/IP as the wrapper, designed a protocol layer that allows remote management of the Embedded Security System.
This includes writing a TCP/IP Server thread into the Security System and writing a win32 configuration utility.

2003, August – November, Designed and Built an Embedded Security System San Diego, CA

Using C++, C# .Net Compact Framework and VB.Net I built a asset tracking system for Tricon Corporation.
Required fine tuning drivers and using Platform Builder to create an x86 compatible Windows CE .Net 4.2 operating system image.
Embedded this image onto a bootable compact flash card.
Developed drivers to power Matrics RFID RDR-001 Stationary Reader, UDP based cameras and directional indicators.
The system I designed is a server grade build consisting of a win32 desktop application (using TCP/IP)
that allows one to control and configure the black box (embedded system).
The system supports SOAP and FTP for it’s XML communications.
Designed and built a IIS based VB.Net SOAP module for the Abaris web developers to properly gather transaction data via SOAP.

2003, July, RFID Reader Protocol Tool San Diego, CA

Using C#, wrote a multi-threaded, CE.Net compatible RFID diagnostics tool. The tool is module based and allows for integration of any RFID reader that adheres to my module protocol. This diagnostics tool is the beginning of a server based tracking system that will be embedded on a single board computer.

2003, June, Embedded Operating System Development San Diego, CA

Hand rolled a Windows CE .Net 4.2 board support package and bootloader for a single board computer. Integrated the operating system and boot loader onto a compact flash chip.

2003 June, Data consolidation database, import and reporting tools for San Diego Workforce Parternship San Diego, CA

Developed a .Net C# import tool that consolidates IBM and MetLife data. XML was used as the medium for all the configuration based storage. A java servlet based reporting engine was also developed and deployed on Oracle 9.0.3 J2EE 1.3.1. The database was developed using Oracle and is a fully functioning normalized database that allows two different data sources to be reported on together or separate.

2003 May, Low-level Protocol Adapter for ECamIt Cameras San Diego, CA

Reverse engineered the RTP protocol for the ECamIt series of cameras from 3JTech and coded a .Net adapter for grabbing live streaming images from the camera. The final object is to be integrated into an exclusive web based security model for a client of Abaris’s. This required a working knowledge of UDP, and low-level data structures in c.

2003 March, W3C Standard P3P/XML Integration into CourtTV San Diego, CA

Analyzed and created a valid P3P policy based upon Abaris Technologies HitTracker technology. The technology includes dynamic tracking of users as they traverse the Court Tv web site. The P3P integration allows for third party hosting of the HitTracker tool without losing IE 6.x web counts due to the newly improved security model.

2002 December, Content Manager Pro San Diego, CA

This tool will be used overall to manage clients through a series of forms that are fine-tuned by the client and allowing the website to be altered on the fly through an admin user interface. Developed with a generic MVC pattern using JSP (Java Server Pages) with an Oracle database. The final model will be a resellable tool that is able to be fine-tuned to the client’s required needs and generically applied to any relational database on the market that has a supported JDBC 2.0 driver. The current model is being developed on a Tomcat Jakarta web server running on SuSE Linux 8.1.

2002 December, Hot Tub Guide (Spa-o-matic) for San Diego, CA

Built generic framework in PHP and MySQL in order for a dynamic search engine and search reporting tool to be created by the client.
The administration interface takes all the fuss out of setting up the search engine.
By just following the wizards simple questions one can easily have a working dynamic search based web site in no time.

2002 August, Houston Port Project San Diego, CA

Developed a web based graphics engine for Abaris Technologies to use in the Houston Port Project. Developed in both PHP using GD_Lib and GD2_Lib along with a .Net engine developed using GDI+ API. Both elements are going to be used in the auto mapping portion of the Port/Time Management system in order to easily see where the ships are currently located.

Current, Maintaining this site. San Diego, CA
^MThis site uses PHP with a MySql database to handle dynamic data management.

2000 Current, Abaris Technologies San Diego, CA

· Ongoing – Built and maintenance of CISRS. A high-end content management system for Inter@ctivate. Using Active Server Pages (ASP) with an Oracle and/or SQL Server database backend. Developed all of the COM/ActiveX components using both Visual Basic and C++. Handled all the reports built into the system. Using both ASP and Crystal Reports for the reporting.

· Currently developing a bug-tracking system in PHP using an Oracle9i database on the SuSE Linux operating system.

· Currently developing a bug-tracking system in PHP using an Oracle9i database on the SuSE Linux operating system.

· Mapquest survey tool built in ASP using SQL Server database for Latitude Research.

· Configured and setup a quad-CPU, RAID-5 server for the San Diego Workforce Partnership using Windows 2000 server.

2001, Supply Pro. San Diego, CA

Built an automated bot tool in C/C++ to middleman the task of downloading files, combining the data into a single file and parsing the data into an easily readable HTML file.

2000 SWA Group San Francisco, CA

Security, Network Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Diagnostically tested LAN/WAN network security and implemented appropriate changes. Reverse engineering newly found viruses and creating/coding a repair.


2000 Resolution Training Center San Francisco, CA

Windows NT Networking Class

Learned to setup, maintain and optimize an NT network and accounts. All hands on experience. Implemented TCP/IP, Proxy server, WINS, DNS, DHCP, SMTP, NNTP, and PDC/BDC/member-server. Learned physical implementation of the network, cabling, router, and HUBs.

1999-2000 San Francisco State University San Francisco, CA

Studied Computer Science, C/C++, SQL/PL, Java, and Mips Assembly Language (MAL) programming. Over 2 years experience with Unix.

1998-1999 San Francisco Conservatory of Music San Francisco, CA

M.A. study of the Violin.

1995-1998 Central Washington University Ellensburg, WA

B.S.: Violin Performance.


Play violin and perform from time to time in quartets and orchestras.

References available upon request.